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Natural Sandstone

British natural sandstones are the most popular choice of building stone in the UK today.

The Stancliffe natural sandstone range includes 10 stone types, extracted from quarries across England, Scotland and Wales:

The natural sandstone colour palette ranges from red, to subtle pinks, buff to beige and blue to grey. Dating from the Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic ages, many of these natural sandstones have a long heritage as dimensional building stones in the UK.

Stoke Hall quarry and Locharbriggs quarry have both been worked continuously since the early 1800s with masonry production on site. Building records for both sandstones include notable landmark buildings in various locations across the UK. Doddington Pink Sandstone has been widely used as a building stone across Scotland and the North of England since the 1800s. Red St Bees is renowned for its use as a building stone not only in the UK, but also the USA.

Today the Marshalls Stancliffe Stones natural sandstone range proves to be a versatile choice for many construction styles including traditional natural stone walling styles and masonry, handset cladding and masonry, stone cladding rainscreen systems, stone on precast concrete panels and lightweight laminate systems.

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