Natural stone rainscreen cladding panels

Rainscreen Cladding, Stone Cladding & Natural Stone Panels

Rainscreen is a constructed façade system, which consists of a sub frame, or panellized rail system; Clad with natural stone ashlar, rainscreen cladding panels will give the appearance of a solid walled structure. Advances in both construction and technology have removed many of the structural constraints once required of natural building materials.

Marshalls Stancliffe Stones has developed a comprehensive range of British Natural Sandstone and Limestone cladding panels.

Cladding panel sizes guide

Our exclusive value engineered sandstone rainscreen cladding range can virtually be used on any application making it possible to design imaginative, aesthetically pleasing façades, which enhance the built environment using modern construction methods.

The final appearance of your building design is influenced by the fixing methods you choose. Examples of the types of fixings, which can be used with natural sandstone and limestone rainscreen cladding panels.

Undercut Anchor:

  • A continuous façade with no visible fixing elements and movement / expansion joints.
  • Anchor fixings into back of stone panel.

Body Anchors:

  • Rainscreen cladding panels are individually supported and restrained allowing construction to take place with open joints.
  • Most commonly used stone panel thickness of 40mm or 50mm.
  • Open construction joints are generally between 6mm – 12mm.


  • Natural stone adhered to a factory manufactured backing panel to create a lightweight composite panel.

Handset Masonry:

  • Natural stone cladding panels are individually supported and restrained by proprietary stainless steel supports and restraint dowels / ties.
  • Commonly used for a stone panel thicknesses of 75mm and 100mm with closed mortared joints at 5/6mm.
  • Use of alternative fixing components can enable an open jointed natural stone rainscreen system with a minimum stone panel thickness of 40mm.

Marshalls British natural sandstone rainscreen cladding offers:

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