Quarrying natural stone

Technical Support and Assurance ....

The physical performance of all Stancliffe's British natural stone is tested on a regular basis to meet the requirements of British and European Standards. The latest technical guide for all our natural stones are available within the UK Stone Types and Colours section of this web site. Copies of the detailed test results are all available upon request.

Our products are backed by a ten year guarantee and are also CE marked where relevant. All our sites are ISO 9001 or PAS99 accredited.

As a Marshalls specialist business, Marshalls Stancliffe Stones products are backed by the assurances of a major plc.


Suitability of each stone for specific products and methods of construction varies according to the stones' physical performance. Our field based specification consultants will be able to discuss the suitability to specific construction styles, products and finishes with you.

Construction Guides:

Guides to general construction detailing are available in PDF format - Call 0845 302 0702 to request copies.

Independent Testing

For competence and impartiality, all our stones are independently tested on a regular basis.

Benefits to the client: certification provides confidence that products will perform as expected. It ensures that they meet - and continue to meet - appropriate standards in line with British and European requirements.

Petrographical examination of natural stone