Stonemason shaping natural stone

British Natural Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry is one of the earliest trades in civilisation's history. Skilled masons shaped rough pieces of natural sandstone into accurate geometrical sandstone masonry.

Marshalls production team includes skilled masons who have been trained to programme CNC cutting and profiling machines, allowing them to bring the benefits of modern technology to traditional sandstone masonry. This offers design opportunity with the guarantees of dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Skilled Craftsman Providing Premium Products

Our team of stonemasons will then use their expertise to hand finish sandstone masonry products to the highest quality standards.

Our natural sandstone masonry production capabilities range from traditional walling lines through to some of the most advanced CNC cutting and profiling machines in the UK. With multiple regional masonry processing facilities, we offer a range of masonry components available in a buff and red sandstone.

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Alternatively we can produce sandstone masonry to your personal specification. Bespoke sizes, special textured finishes for cladding, intricate balustrades and columns or even logos and feature stones are all possible through our highly skilled masonry team. With our investment in CAD and 3D visualisation, we can work from your initial concepts quickly identifying the most suitable stone options and transforming your concepts into superior British natural stone masonry.

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