Natural Limestone and British Ironstone

Stancliffe’s Natural Limestones and British Ironstone range includes Lincolnshire and Gloucestershire Limestones.

Limestone is probably the most widely occurring type of natural stone in the UK and is the traditional local building material in areas such as the Southwest, the Cotswolds, Northamptonshire, parts of Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire, where it is quarried.

Cotswold Cream and Cotswold Gold are both oolitic bioclastic limestones, extracted from the Cotswold Quarry located in Gloucestershire.

Cotswold limestones have a colour range from cream-yellow to gold – the distinctive colours of traditional buildings in the Cotswolds and specified within a large area of the south through to areas of North Yorkshire.

British Ironstone is a member of the ferruginous limestone, which is extracted from the only active ironstone quarry in the UK, located in Oxfordshire.

Ironstone has a very distinctive and varying colour range from orange-brown, dark brown to white with some fine grained mineral veining.

Historically British Ironstone has been used extensively as a traditional building stone from the south of Oxford to the north of Lincolnshire, as well as restoration projects where conservation grade ironstone is required.

Stancliffe supply a range of natural limestones and British ironstone, traditional walling and masonry products which are readily available in the following options:

Up to four standard course heights are available: 65mm, 90mm, 115mm and 140mm. A full range of masonry components has been specially designed to complement Stancliffe's traditional British Ironstone and natural limestone walling range, including:

  • Ashlar Quoin
  • Plain section head
  • Plain section throated Cill
  • Walling Quoin

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