New Memorial Garden For 3 Rifles-Redfern Infantry Barracks-Edinburgh
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New Memorial Garden For 3 Rifles-Redfern Infantry Barracks-Edinburgh

Publish Date: 13/10/2010

The project was to provide a memorial for generations of rifleman and their families, a place where they can honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

In keeping with tradition, it was deemed that the memorial would be produced out of Doddington sandstone, the same stone used in the building of the Retford Barracks, Edinburgh in 1830.

Doddington Sandstone quarried out of Wooler; Northumberland has been extensively used across Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh.

The memorial created by Stancliffe’s skilled masonry team, weighs 10 tonnes, and has carved panels of scripts and regiment badges.

“This is a great accomplishment has only come about because you and others like you have given up your time, expertise and considerable resources to see it through. The fruit of your labour is quite simply breathtaking and far exceeds our initial modest expectations. The stone will now age and weather but it will be as poignant as it ever was, not least because it was made for us by you and your colleagues. It is a clear sign not just of your generosity but of your appreciation and support which means a great deal to each of us.”

Lieutenant Colonel N J Kitson, Commanding Officer

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