Natural stone block at quarry Marshalls Stancliffe Stones quarry workers Stone blocks Surveying in 1901 Mine workers at Middleton

Sourcing the Finest British Stones

We offer you a wealth of British stone - rich in colour, character, heritage and reserves. Marshalls Stancliffe Stones has the largest reserves of British dimensional stone in the UK, sourced from well established quarries located across England, the lowlands of Scotland and Wales. Records show that many of the quarries have been actively worked since the 1800s.

Widely used for buildings in the immediate areas surrounding the quarry locations, these stones have also been used in other areas of the UK where local stone reserves were long since depleted.

Working with Marshalls or independent advisory bodies, it is possible to identify the closest match for your particular project both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

We can also provide reference sites for each stone, ranging from recent new builds and restoration projects through to notable local buildings.

Longevity and Reserves

Through our block stock management programme we plan well ahead, ensuring that there are plentiful block stocks readily available for production of your specific projects.

Due to the longevity of our reserves' life, we are able to provide consistency in stone supply for multiple phase developments spanning several years.

Vertical Supply Chain

With the excellent transport links across the UK, British stone can be extracted, processed and delivered to site as required. Marshalls Stancliffe Stones has integrated both quarries and processing facilities within the organisation to meet the most demanding project schedules.